Keyword research ...

  • ... is taking too much time for bigger companies.
  • ... is not providing enough insights.
  • ... it doesn't provide enough actionable insights on your industry.


You already know what your business is about, but you don't always have the tools to scale up the research & gather the insights. Your customers are not using 10 keywords to find your business. They're probably using 100.000 different keywords. We want to help you find and get a structured overview of how they can help you drive more traffic from organic search through search engine optimization.


We get..

  1. the keywords that you know (through Google Search Console)
  2. other related keywords that people are also looking for.
  3. more insights on the volume ...
  4. rankings for you keywords (and your competitors) on a local level.
  5. a better setup for to help you prioritize based on business metrics.
  6. you more insights & data to help you to make better decisions.