Suggestions, Rank Tracking & Analytics

Find related keywords, and move from knowing the keywords that
 you’re already being found for to getting actual insights.


Find Related Keywords

We want to give you the ability to find all the keywords that your audience is looking for. You probably have an idea, but as more than 25% of search queries are new. We provide data from tons of sources to give you new keywords that users are finding your site with.

Rank Tracking

Insights on SERPs

Keep track of your actual positions in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) to stay on top of your actual performance. We'll measure this on a daily basis so you're aware of any changes. We can keep track of this on a national or city level, mobile or desktop.

Keyword Volumes

Insights on Search Volume

On a monthly basis we can tell you on a global, national, city level what the search volume is for the keywords in your industry/niche. We want to make sure that you know how often people are searching for the keywords that you care about.

Google Search Console

Measure Actual Performance

Your Google Search Console data gives you a lot of insights into what people are already looking for to find your site, we'll use this data to find more related keywords and keep you up to date on your current performance in organic search traffic.


Segment Keywords

Not all keywords are the same, you want to segment and bucket the keywords that you care about. That's why we've created groups that will enable you to keep them together and to use tags for certain words that can be part of all your keywords.


Monitor Competitor Performance

Who's your actual competitor in the search results? Based on the data that we have on all your keywords we can tell you what these pages & sites are that you should be outperforming.